ChatGPT chief calls for artificial intelligence regulation IG News

By Puber Kalam, WebDesk: As the entire world listens to the technology world, it is mainly heard about two incidents. One, mass layoffs in the IT-corporate world. Two, chatgpty’s bullshit. AI or Artificial Intelligence is gradually spreading influence in different parts of the world. Some of the intellectuals fear that this use of technology will completely market people’s individuality. This time, the CEO of the company presented new information about AI. He expressed fear that artificial intelligence is going to have a huge impact not only on the workplace, but also on democracy.

Already, the application of artificial intelligence or AI has started in various workplaces around the world. Its use is increasing gradually. And for this reason alone, many people are going to lose their jobs in the next few years. There was always such a fear. This time, Sam Altman brought up another new danger.

Sam Altman, CEO of ChatGPT’s parent company OpenAI, called on US lawmakers to regulate artificial intelligence before a US Senate committee on Tuesday.

Altman told lawmakers that using chatbots would make it easier to spread rumors. And he fears that the influence of such manipulations in elections may endanger democracy. He also said that organizations like OpenAI should be independently vetted. So government monitoring and control is very necessary in this regard.

On this day, he also said that AI is a breakthrough technology like “printing”. While there are positives to the widespread use of artificial intelligence, there are also negatives. One of them is layoffs. Because, just as companies will hire some workers for the implementation of artificial intelligence, its use will also result in the layoff of many older workers. Altman said that artificial intelligence will have a huge impact on the economy.