Cheating in the name of the Minister, now also in the name of the Governor: Arrest of a man from Bellary Fraud in the name of Governor Thavar Chand Gehlot: Accused arrested IG News

Asami, who was cheating in the name of Governor Thawar Chand Gehlot, said that he would become a member of the University Syndicate.

Sadarullah Khan is the arrested accused

Bangalore: The Governor believes that he will make a member of the VV Syndicate (Governor) CCB Police has arrested Bellary-based Sadarullah Khan, who committed fraud in the name of Thawarchand Gehlot. Asami claimed to be a member of the senate for all the universities while the governor claimed to be the under secretary. The accused was walking around with a fake identity card. Even if the name of the governor is mentioned, people will believe it quickly. The staff of the Governor’s office reached the police station after learning about the fraud using the name of the Governor’s office. It has come to light that he used the name of the governor so that no one would suspect him, and that he called some eminent persons from the governor’s office. The accused called saying that he will make you a member of the syndicate. Accused Sadrullah Khan has been taken into custody and CCB police is interrogating him.

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Fraud of being a member of a university syndicate

Accused Sadrullah Khan claimed to be the Under Secretary to the Governor and claimed to be a member of the senate for all the universities. He cheated many by illegally obtaining money by showing fake identity card. Asami, who recently contacted a woman, lured her to become a syndicate member of Rajiv Gandhi Health University. A fake appointment letter was issued for that. In the name of the governor and the office, he was involved in fraud. A complaint was filed by the special secretary of the governor, Frabhushankar, to take legal action against the accused, and an FIR was registered at Vidhansouda police station.

Assamese conducting tuition:

Currently, Sadrullah Khan, a native of Bellary, has been arrested in connection with the case. Accused Sadrullah Khan, who has higher education, was making a living by doing tuition. But tuition was closed during Corona. At this time he was in trouble and cheated. Similarly, he cheated many people by getting money by giving them small jobs. Later, he started a new deal saying that he would make him a member of the university syndicate, and he was cheating using the name of the governor’s office.

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