Chhattisgarh Congress MLA Video with bundle of notes goes viral. Chhattisgarh: Video of Congress MLA with bundle of notes goes viral, says – I am the son of a poor… IG News

Congress MLA Video viral: After the video with the notes went viral, Congress MLA from Chandrapur Ramkumar Yadav himself came forward and clarified in front of the media.

Now less than two months are left for Chhattisgarh Assembly elections. On one hand, BJP is accusing the Congress government of being immersed in corruption from head to toe. At the same time, Congress claims that its government has given corruption free government in the state during the last 5 years. But Congress’s claim is ruined when the video of its Chandrapur MLA Ramkumar Yadav goes viral.

Actually, it is clearly seen in the video that the Congress MLA is sitting with a bundle of notes. However, there were other people sitting in the room at that time. At the same time, on this issue, BJP State General Secretary OP Chaudhary has called a press conference and fiercely attacked the Congress government.