Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to felicitate Kriti Paduas at Milan Mela on June 1 IG News

Puber’s Pen Correspondent: The state government will felicitate the meritorious students who passed the secondary and higher secondary examinations. The reception will be held on June 1 at the Biswa Bangla Mela (meeting fair) premises. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will attend the event. After being closed for two years due to Corona, the state government is again welcoming the meritorious students from last year. Apart from Secondary-Higher Secondary, Madrasah, ICSE, CBSE, Joint Entrance Examination will be given admission. Earlier the event was scheduled to be held on June 6. Later, the state government changed that decision and decided to hold the program on June 1.

On May 9, the result of the secondary examination was published. After that, on Wednesday i.e. May 24, the result of higher secondary examination was published. You can collect the mark sheet from the school from May 31. After that the college admission process will start. So the state government wants to complete this reception before starting the admission process of the college. That is why June 1 has been fixed as the day of the event. Earlier this program was organized in the Town Hall of Kolkata, this time the program has been organized in the Biswa Bangla premises.

This year the pass rate in higher secondary is 89.25 percent. Which has increased by 0.81 percent compared to last time. Comparatively, it is seen that the pass rate has increased in higher secondary, walking in the opposite direction of ICSE, CBSE. There was no secondary examination due to corona. As a result, none of those who gave the higher secondary examination this year did not give the secondary examination.