Chief Minister wants Ganga Aarti in Bengal on the lines of Kashi IG News

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Kolkata : Ganga Aarti is performed at many ghats of Bengal. Now the Chief Minister wants that a grand Ganga Aarti should be organized here on the lines of Kashi. On Monday, CM Mamata Banerjee from Navan directed the Kolkata Municipal Corporation to make arrangements for Ganga Aarti in the city. The CM said that even if it takes two years, the event should be grand. People should be comfortable. The Chief Minister has also given instructions to Kolkata Mayor and Urban Development and Municipal Affairs Minister Firhad Hakim regarding the maintenance of Prinsep Ghat. He said that Prinsep Ghat has to be fixed. Poush Mela takes place there. Why there is no regular maintenance. Sometimes the government, sometimes the ministers change but the policy does not change. Why this has to be said again and again.
CM wants such a grand event
CM said, I want that a place should be fixed for Ganga Aarti here. In various states like Uttar Pradesh. We don’t have this sujog here. However, the whole system has to be seen. There shouldn’t be any problem if people gather. Could see Aarti well. Even if it takes two years to do it. The CM said that Ganga Aarti should be organized at such a place where there is a place to sit. People should not be in a hurry to see the Aarti where there is a temple. Where people feel that this is a place of peace. Instructing Kolkata Municipal Corporation to perform Ganga Aarti. It is notable that Kashi’s Ganga Aarti is world famous. People from far and wide come here to participate in the aarti.
Right now Ganga Aarti takes place here
Aarti is organized at Howrah’s Ghat, Kolkata’s Nimtalla Ghat, Kamarhatti’s Char Mandir Ganga Ghat. Plans are underway to organize Ganga Aarti at several ghats including the Ghat in Garulia. Meanwhile, after this instruction of the CM, the plan for the preparation of Ganga Aarti at the ghats will move forward faster. Let us inform that the ghats of Kolkata and Howrah were beautified. Aarti is also held at some Ghats, now CM wants that Bengal should not lag behind other states in grand Aarti.


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