Chikkanagowda Celebration Birthday – Sanjevani IG News

Kundagola ma. 2: Party organiser, development worker, simple-minded former MLA S. I. Former Chief Minister Jagdish Shettar hoped that Chikka Gowdra would always be a public servant.
On the occasion of his 71st birthday in Kundagola JSS Vidyapeeth School Varanam, Shettar fed him a cake and wished him well. When I was the district president of the BJP, Chikanagoudra gave me a lot of support, worked hard for the party’s strengthening and organization, and raised the number of workers from a handful to thousands as a three-time MLA.
Former Legislative Council Member Mohana Limbikai said that when he was an MLA, Chikkanagowda had done many works along the Kundagola Constituency including the construction of Hubli-Lakshmeshwar Road, Sawai Gandharva Memorial Hall, Fire Extinguisher Building, New Pelees Station Building, and still, he is still active like a child in public works on his 71st birthday. Good luck on the occasion, he said.
Former MLA S.A.I. Chikkana Gowdra, who presided over the meeting, said that he will reach out to the seniors to give BJP ticket to Kundagola constituency to contest the upcoming Vidhan Sabha elections.
Shirahatti Fakkira Siddarama Sri, Panchagraha Hiremath Shitikantheshwara Sri, Mullolli Shivayogi Sri, Sivananda Mutt Mallayajjan and Mahanta Sri, Kalyanpur Abhinava Basavannajjan gave blessings.
On the same occasion, the achievers who have rendered considerable service in various fields were honoured. Minister Sankara Patila Munenakoppa, BJP district president Basavaraja Kundagolamath, PPM member Mallikarjuna Kiresura, Guru Patila, Gadigeppa Kakhimani, Danappa Gangai, Sankara Gowda Niranjanagoudra, Y. G. Patil, D. Y. There were thousands of fans including Lakkana Gowdra.


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