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China asks the United States Do not interfere in your own internal affairs.

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Anthony Blanken, U.S. Secretary of State Met with the Chinese Foreign Minister during his visit to China.

Chinese Foreign Minister says China-US relations are stable, but there are negative factors. Basic benefits of China-US relations are facing challenges

He said China’s legitimate development rights were unreasonably suppressed. Conflict with the United States It will be a dangerous situation. and ask the United States Do not interfere in internal affairs

Chinese Foreign Minister said the red lines of China’s sovereignty, security and development interests should not be crossed.

Anthony Blanken, Secretary of State of the United States Said he had extensive and constructive discussions with the Chinese Foreign Minister. There is no substitute for face-to-face diplomacy.

He said we must avoid misunderstandings. Hope the US And China will be able to make progress in military ties and AI deals.

On the other hand, in this matter, the US Department of State It said it expressed concern over China’s support for Russia’s defense industrial base. They also discussed the importance of maintaining peace in the Taiwan Strait.

A State Department spokesperson said the significance of China’s activities in the disputed South China Sea had been discussed.

A spokesman said the meeting focused on avoiding tensions in the Middle East and the Korean Peninsula. US Secretary of State Will meet with President Xi Jinping today.

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