City of Hamilton resumes dredging of Chedok Creek – without Houdenosaunee’s consent IG News

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The City of Hamilton has resumed clean-up of Chedok Creek and, despite a request, will not consult the local Houdenosouni community, on whose traditional land the creek sits, before dredging can resume.

The excavation of the drain was planned to begin on August 22 after 24 billion liters of sewage and storm water spilled into the water. It was paused to allow it to consult with the Haudenossouni Development Institute (HDI) on how this treaty might affect rights and the environment.

HDI had also requested the city council meeting on September 8 that the city submit an application along with the fee to obtain consent to continue the project on the property.

The city has resumed dredging efforts without HDI’s consent.

“I think the city’s conduct is, unfortunately, highly irresponsible, where it fails to communicate,” said HDI’s Aaron Detler.

Detlor said the city needs to consult the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council (HCCC) for any projects on its treaty land.

City spokesman Matthew Grant said the city may not approve all applications and charges for all future public works projects, but may do so for work at Chedok Creek.

City consultant Wood Group had said dredging work on the water should begin by September 22.

Construction was scheduled to begin on Wednesday, with in-water dredging to begin four to five days later.

Nick Winters, director of the Hamilton Water Division, said the city of Hamilton was not in a position to obtain consent from Houdenosouni.

“Houdenosouni is looking for a legislative change that requires municipalities to seek consent from third parties. It will have to come from senior levels of government,” he said.

Winters also stated that the city would not obtain Houdensouni consent for any retrospective effect on the project.

In favor of cleanliness, Detlor stressed the importance of the city to offer meaningful consultations in good faith with the group.

Detler says the city has not contacted him since the meeting.

“With regard to the city’s decisions in an open and transparent fashion, there appears to be an intention to ignore its obligations to uphold the honor of the crown,” he said.

The city says it has sent correspondence to HDI’s legal advisor and is regularly sharing progress updates.

CBC has been unable to contact HDI’s legal advisor for comment.


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