Claim in the report: Canada’s allies left support over the allegations against India, said – thorough investigation is necessary – Allies Divided Over Support For Canada’s Allegations Against India Over Killing Of Sikh Separatist Leader IG News

Allies divided over support for Canada's allegations against India over killing of Sikh separatist leader

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
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Controversy is increasing over Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s allegation of India’s alleged involvement in the murder of Khalistani leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Meanwhile, news is coming from Canadian media that Five Eyes of Ottawa has refused to take any side. However, they say that the claims should be thoroughly investigated.

Notably, Canada is part of the Five Eyes network, which includes countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. An intelligence alliance has been formed consisting of these five.

According to Canadian media, Canada’s allies showed no interest in getting drawn into the growing dispute between Ottawa and New Delhi. Rather, these countries say that this matter should be investigated more thoroughly. The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia have all issued statements calling for an investigation into the allegations.

The report cited the statement of US National Security Council spokesperson Admiral John Kirby, in which he said that these are certainly serious allegations and he believes that it will be necessary to determine how true PM Trudeau’s allegations are. A thorough investigation is needed. Additionally, Kirby urged India to participate and cooperate in that investigation. He said it was important to find out what really happened.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese declined to comment on the matter. At the same time, Foreign Minister Penny Wong expressed concern over the report in a press conference at the United Nations Headquarters. He said, ‘These are worrying reports and the investigation is still ongoing. We are monitoring these developments closely.

Canadian media reports said Canada’s ally Britain did not make any official announcement on the matter. However, Foreign Minister James Cleverly said on social media without making any mention of India, ‘All countries should respect sovereignty and rule of law. We are in regular contact with our Canadian colleagues regarding the serious allegations raised in the Parliament of Canada. It is important that Canada investigates and brings the perpetrators to justice.

According to Ottawa-based media, while Trudeau is urging India to take the matter seriously, Liberal Party members also say they hope to maintain normal relations with the country, which Ottawa has Chosen as a major partner in the Indo-Pacific.

Canada expelled Indian diplomat

It is noteworthy that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau alleged on Monday that the Indian government may have a hand in Nijjar’s murder. Trudeau said Canadian security agencies have reason to believe that Nijjar was killed by agents of the Indian government. Canadian agencies are investigating the possibility of Indian conspiracy in Nijjar’s murder. Trudeau also informed that an Indian diplomat has been expelled from Canada.

India hit back at Trudeau

After these statements by Canada, the Indian Foreign Ministry summoned the Canadian High Commissioner in protest. He was also informed about the expulsion of a senior Canadian High Commissioner. The expelled diplomat has been directed to leave India within five days. India had termed Canada’s allegations as absurd and termed it as unsuccessful in stopping Khalistani activities. Also, allegations of politics were made in the matter.