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Harishchandrapur: Clash between students of two schools before the start of higher secondary examination. Due to the incident, there is great tension in the examination center. The trouble starts with finding a seat. Then two to three candidates were injured in the fight. As soon as the incident was reported, a large police force reached the spot. The examination later began amid tight security. The incident happened Malda Bhingal High School under Bhingal Village Panchayat of Harishchandrapur Block No.1.

Saturday was the third day of higher secondary examination. Students of Kanua High Madrasa and Chandipur High School have seats in this school. A few students of the two schools started fighting over finding seats before the exam began. A student of Kanua High Madrasa alleged that students of Chandipur High School beat up one of their students first. Then the trouble begins. A student’s head exploded. Two other students were injured. The school authorities quickly dealt with the situation. Information was given to Harishchandrapur police station. Later, the police reached the spot and brought the situation under control. Bhingal High School Principal Rajendra Prasad Saha said that the examination has started on time. There was no disturbance during the test.

However, after the exam, the students of those two schools went to Ambagan next to the school and clashed. However, measures were taken to stop the clash with police intervention.

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