Clouds encamped in Jaisalmer, hope of rain. ​​​​Clouds rained in canal and rural areas, possibility of good rain for three days IG News

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Jaisalmer.  The sky was cloudy in the city on Saturday morning.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Jaisalmer. The sky was cloudy in the city on Saturday morning.

Clouds have once again set up their camp in Jaisalmer. There has been heavy rain in rural areas in the last two days. On Friday, there was heavy rain in Mohangarh area and rural areas of Ramdevra. Even in Jaisalmer city, clouds came on Friday night but it did not rain. The sky remained cloudy since Saturday morning and people got relief from the heat.

It is noteworthy that after half of the month of September has passed, monsoon has once again become active in the district. After drizzle in Pokhran area recently, monsoon on Friday drenched Mohangarh and the canal area around Mohangarh. The rain continued for 20 to 25 minutes. 40 to 50 km canal area of ​​Mohangarh received good rain on Friday. This gave life to the withering crops.

The sun hidden in the clouds.

The sun hidden in the clouds.

The weather will remain like this for two days

According to the Meteorological Department, a low pressure system has formed in the north-western Bay of Bengal. The monsoon trough line has also now shifted to its normal position. It is going through Bikaner to low pressure area. Due to this, there is a possibility of good rain in the district for the next two-three days. Recently, the day temperature in Jaisalmer had crossed 43 degrees and the night temperature had crossed 29 degrees. Due to which intense heat was visible day and night. After that the temperature gradually started falling. If there is no rain, the temperature will increase in the coming days. Due to which the effect of heat can intensify.

If there is good rain, crops get life.

Rainy season has started in Jaisalmer district after last 51 days. Now the farmers are waiting for good rains. Where there has not been even a single drop of rain, if one or two good rains occur, the crops which are failing can get a lease of life. Most of the crops before the rains have been destroyed. Due to which farmers have suffered losses.

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