CM had once expressed his displeasure. Four major roads of Bhopal made of asphalt were washed away for several kilometers, had they been made of cement this situation would not have happened. IG News

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Hamidia Road, which passes near Bhopal Railway Station and Bus Stand, on which the CM had expressed his displeasure last year after seeing the potholes, still has potholes. This is the first main road of the city of 6.7 km from Pul Bogda to Shahjahanabad police station. It was built five years ago with a budget of Rs 22 crore. But right now there are potholes at many places including Alpana Talkies, Bharat Talkies and Bhopal Talkies.

Similarly, the condition of JK Road, the main road of BHEL area built by spending Rs 20 crore, is such that it has become difficult to pass through it. The condition of almost all the main roads of the city is like this. More than Rs 100 crore is spent every year on repairing these roads made of asphalt, yet people are worried. Experts say that if these roads are made of cement then maintenance would not have to be done every time.

Ground report – It was fine till the rains, now at some places potholes and at other places gravels have come out…

JK Road – Uprooted at places

17 potholes on 3 km road, only one and a half kilometer road is fine

This road was built by spending Rs 20 crore to connect Raisen Road and more than half a dozen colonies including Minal Residence, Ayodhya Bypass. It was fine after the last rain. Now there are a total of 17 potholes on both sides of the 3 km long road. There are only 4 potholes on the road from Raisen Road to Minal Residency. Only one and a half kilometer is fine. More than 80 thousand people pass through this road every day.

Empri to Misrod – service road in bad condition

More than 10 potholes in one and a half km, surface of 5 km road damaged

The road surface got damaged at many places in about 5 kilometers. The road surface in front of Ashima Mall is uprooted. While coming from Misrod to Ampri, there are more than 10 potholes in about one and a half kilometres. Most of the potholes are in front of Capital Mall. The service road on this side is almost finished in front of Croma showroom. There are also 4 potholes in front of Toyota showroom in front of Vasundhara Garden.

Shahpura to Bawadiya – dilapidated due to excavation

The road remained empty for sewer and water line again and again for 3 years

A population of about 2 lakh passes through this road daily. Every year for the past 3 years, the Municipal Corporation has been getting the potholes on this road filled by agencies laying sewage and water pipelines, but the problem is not being solved. In this road of about 5 km, there are potholes at many places within a radius of 500 meters near Baba Nagar. The road surface in front of Bansal Hospital is also uprooted.

Ayodhya bypass – potholes at many places

An expenditure of Rs 1.5-2 crore every year, yet 8 out of 20 kms are damaged.

Due to this rain, the surface of 8 km of the road of about 20 km has been damaged. There are potholes at many places in front of Minal Gate at number three. The surface is uprooted within a radius of 100 to 200 meters in front of Sagar High Street, Tirupati Heights, Balaji Complex. There are 12 small and big potholes between Bhanpur and Karond intersection. The road within a radius of 3 km from the Central Jail to Sant Asaram intersection is uprooted at many places.