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Amaravati: “I have never spoken against late Nandamuri Tarakara Rao (NTR)…I have respect for him” Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy said. On Wednesday, the name change bill of NTR Health University was introduced by Minister Rajani and approved by the House. On this occasion, CM Jagan (AP CM) while addressing the assembly said that if the Telugu Desam Party Health University was named after NTR (Nandamuri taraka ramarao), then they are changing it to YSR. “It would have been better if there were members of TDP at this time. Why are we changing the name… What is the reason for that and whether it is reasonable or not should be discussed.” He said.

He said that Chandrababu (Chandrababu) would not like it if the name Nandamuri Tarakaramarao was mentioned…. NTR would not like it if Chandrababu (TDP Chief) was mentioned. He praised that NTR is a great actor and has earned great fame. He said that if Nara Chandrababu naidu had not usurped power, he would have lived longer. It is said that in 1995, NTR died prematurely due to mental crisis after his son-in-law, who had given away his own daughter, usurped power. AP CM said that they kept their word by naming NTR district.

Many times asked about name change...

Chandrababu demanded to tell why he could not give Bharat Ratna to NTR. He said that there is a dearth of sincerity and honesty in politics. He said that he had asked himself many times before bringing the bill to change the name of Health University… Finally, he decided to give this name because he felt that what he was doing was right. 108, Arogyashri means YSR (YSR)… He is also a doctor by profession, he said.

That’s why we deserve the credit.

Dr. YSR was hailed as a great humanist who made expensive corporate medicine accessible to the poor. He said that 8 medical colleges were established in the state before 1983…the remaining three medical colleges were established during YSR’s regime. He said that 17 more medical colleges are being built during his tenure. He said that at least one medical college was not built in the government sector during the TDP regime… but they gave it their favorite name. Since they have built 20 colleges, they want to get that credit. He said that procedures are being increased in Arogya Shri… Arogya Asara is being implemented. Jagan revealed in the House that hospitals are being divided and 108 ambulances are still coming.

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