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Lucknow: CM Yogi (CM Yogi) responded to the allegations of the opposition along with the working style and results of the government in the Legislative Council. He said that people doubt the target of One Trillion Dollars, saying will it be possible? We say why it will not be possible, good intentions are needed. The journey of the last 6 years has shown the impossible to be possible. Team UP (Team Yogi) has identified 10 sectors, on which continuous work is being done.

He said that we have shown by doing what we said. Our party had put 130 resolutions in front of the people of the state in 2022. Out of this, a budget of Rs 64 thousand crore has been allocated to fulfill 110 resolutions. The total receipt of revenue in 16-17 was 86 thousand crore rupees, in this financial year our revenue is going to reach 2 lakh 20 thousand crore rupees. What used to happen before this was sales tax and VAT. From this, 49 thousand crore rupees to 51 thousand crore rupees were received. We are going to get up to 1 lakh 25 thousand crores in this financial year.

The lowest rate of diesel and petrol in UP

CM Yogi said that till March 17, 12 thousand crores were available in state excise, today this amount is going to be 45 thousand crores. When this money was stolen, people used to buy hotels in England and islands in Australia. The money which should have been spent for making schemes for the poor, farmers, youth and elders. We have done this work without increasing the prices of diesel and petrol. Today the rate is lowest in UP.

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This budget will be helpful in making the state a one trillion dollar economy

CM Yogi further said that the theme of this budget is to make UP a one trillion dollar economy. UP is also trying to participate according to its population in making the country a five trillion dollar economy. This budget has been presented to strengthen the foundation of self-reliant UP. So far budgets have been presented on different themes in the state. Our first budget was based on farmers, irrigation. Second infrastructure, third women empowerment, fourth budget for youth, fifth budget was linked to self-reliance of various sections, which was a budget moving from Antyodaya to Atmanirbhar. This budget of 23-24 has been presented for a self-reliant Uttar Pradesh with the thought of inclusive, overall development.

UP is moving on the right track of development

The CM said that we feel proud that UP is a value surplus state today. Earlier 8 percent of the budget used to pay interest on loans, today it is 6 percent. He said that the first budget of Amrit Kaal has come in the country’s largest state when UP faced the outbreak of Corona epidemic. Today Corona has ended from UP. UP is moving on the right track of development.


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