HomeBusinessCoconut oil and - - - - - teeth shine like pearls.

Coconut oil and – – – – – teeth shine like pearls.

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People go to great lengths to make their teeth whiter and whiter. Even going to the dentist can cost thousands of dollars.

Some people have very yellow and stained teeth, which affects their personality. An easy, home-made solution for such people is here.

On ARY Digital’s Good Morning Pakistan, Saima Qureshi said that no matter how dirty your teeth are, using this formula will instantly make you feel better.

He said to apply a little coconut oil on your hands and mix in a little turmeric and use your fingers to spread it over your teeth and leave it on for a while.

After that, clean and rinse your teeth with a simple brush.

Saima Qureshi says I have never bleached my teeth so I use this formula.


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