Common people upset due to closure of petrol pump. Pump workers protested by putting up barricades, warned of indefinite strike from 15 IG News

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Petrol pumps closed - Dainik Bhaskar

petrol pump closed

A two-day strike of petrol pump operators has started demanding reduction in weight on petrol and diesel. All petrol pumps in Jhunjhunu district will remain closed from Wednesday morning to Thursday 6 pm. In Jhunjhunu, pump operators protested by putting barricades outside the petrol pump. Due to the strike, the common people who came to buy oil had to face problems.

Here, due to the news of two-day petrol pump strike, there was a crowd of people at the petrol pumps in the city late at night. People remained busy making jugaad for two days. There was a queue of petrol pump vehicles till late night.

Babulal Rajoria, media in-charge of Jhunjhunu Petroleum Dealers Association, said that VAT on petrol and diesel is higher in Rajasthan than other states. People are bringing petrol and diesel from other states located around Rajasthan. Due to which the sales of petrol pumps in Rajasthan have reduced. Gradually petrol pumps are closing.

He told that petrol pump owners are also being given less commission. In such a situation, he has been demanding from the Rajasthan government for a long time to reduce the weight, reduce the rate and increase the commission. But the government did not listen. He said that if the demands are not met, there will be an indefinite strike from September 15.

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