Complaints against TV anchor transferred to Delhi Police- Dinamani IG News

The Supreme Court has ordered that all the complaints registered against the private TV anchor Navika Kumar in the matter of false opinion about the Prophet be transferred to the Delhi Police.

Navika Kumar was the moderator of the TV debate program in which BJP spokesperson Nubur Sharma made a false comment.

Delhi Police is investigating the cases registered against Nubur Chama. In this case, a petition was filed on behalf of Navika Kumar in the Supreme Court seeking to cancel the complaints filed against her and to stay the arrest.

The Supreme Court heard the petition on August 8 and issued an interim stay on his arrest.

A bench of Supreme Court Justices MR Shah and Krishna Murari heard the petition on Friday and ordered the Delhi Police to transfer the complaints filed against Navika Kumar in various police stations and not to take any action against her for 8 weeks.

Also, the Supreme Court said that Navika Kumar can approach the Delhi High Court and request that the cases be quashed.


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