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– ST employees rejected the union’s decision and the situation reversed

Gandhinagar, dt. September 21, 2022, Wednesday

The ST Corporation employees’ agitation ended this morning and it was considered the beginning of the government’s success in breaking the cycle of agitations. However, the ST employees rejected the union’s decision and the situation was reversed in just 3 hours.

A midnight meeting was held between State Transport Minister Purnesh Modi and ST Nigam employees in which outstanding issues of ST Nigam employees were resolved. In the meeting, as many as 25 demands including their grade pay, dearness allowance were discussed with various unions of the ST Corporation and all the issues were resolved in the meeting which lasted for about 7 hours.

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Purnesh Modi assured a significant increase in the allowances received by the state government’s GRTC employees. Also, under the guidance of the Chief Minister, taking into account the representations of the employees of the ST Corporation, after a meeting with the office bearers of the three recognized unions, with the consensus of all, a positive solution to the demands and an important decision to increase the salary was announced.

Know about ST Corporation Employee Demand

1. Demand for 34% DA to ST employees like all state employees

2. Class 4 employees who have not received bonus for last 2 years want to give it immediately

3. Demand 1900 grade pay to driver and conductor

4. Ask to give another 19,950 instead of 16,500 to fixed pay employees

5. Rent allowance has not been increased in last 25 years, demand immediate increase

6. Demand for employment to heirs of employee who died in service before 2011

7. Payment of leave pay in cash

8. Payment of leave pay to retired employees

9. Request to arrange separate rest room for women employees of the Corporation

10. Demand for cancellation of anti-worker circular 20/77

Know what is advertised

– Increase in wages of fixed salary employees up to Rs 2,000

– Driver and Conductor’s grade-pay and due payment due arrears dt. Payable by 01 October 2022

– Giving effect of 11% dearness allowance to employees of the Corporation in September-2022 and paid in October 2022, while remaining 3% dearness allowance effected on To be issued from 01 February 2023. Thus, the arrears of 11% dearness allowance are decided to be paid in 2nd 3rd installments.

It was also decided to significantly improve the special allowances, special pay, night shift allowance, cash allowance, washing allowance, boot allowance, line allowance, overnight stay allowance, out stay allowance and fair allowance given to the employees.

Besides, it was decided to pay overtime to the employees of the corporation as per the 6th Pay Commission, taking into consideration the Notional, Increment and Revised Grade-Pay. It was decided to pay the entitlement leave in cash for the year 2021-22 and to pay the retired employees by 24 October 2022. It was decided to cancel the category of Driver-cum-Conductor and include him in the rank of driver or conductor as per his choice. It was decided to pay exgratia bonus for the year 2020-21 and resolve these issues by publishing a new helpline number at the corporation level.

The decision that ended the agitation in the morning included the following amendments


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