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CM Basavaraj Bommai lashed out at the leaders who pasted the PACM poster. He stated that Congress is doing dirty politics. Now the Congress leaders are also furious against the CM’s statement. Kai leaders Priyanka Kharge, Ramalingareddy and UB Venkatesh held a joint press conference and criticized the BJP government. This is eye catching letter, your order According to board Those who put Not corrupt board Those who do not put corrupt Officers. we are If you say Dirty Politics Me Says Scan if done CM From the position Police Up to the post for sale of doing about Information will get Dirty Politics did you Priyanka told Kharge.

Methodology business the building you did

Isn’t the participation of MLAs in Hijab and PSI illegal politics dirty politics? You have made a business building. First you put the board. We will send the name plates to the minister’s room in the evening. Please accept the board we send. Priyanka Kharge said that put it in the minister’s rooms.

The government itself Corruption Agreed

Speaking at the same time, Ramalingareddy also lashed out against the BJP government. Speaking about the government’s anti-corruption campaign, he said that the government itself has accepted corruption. 40% commission, recruitment of posts etc. government is doing corruption in all matters.

to the CM Corruption preventing purpose

Corruption is going on in government departments. If the CM has the intention to prevent corruption. Commission issue PSI scam, KPTCL should have submitted these scams for judicial investigation. But they are just playing board games and diverting Pacm. Corruption cases could have been given to the Lokayukta.

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Judiciary investigation do it

Santhosh Patil committed suicide, CM could have given it to a judicial probe. Kotru to the government investigation agency. Eshwarappa got a clean chit in this case and BJP released a book against the Congress Sarka. Many allegations have been made. Ramalinga Reddy demanded a judicial investigation of everything from 2006 till now to find out who did the corruption.

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Who started dirty politics?

In 2018 Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to the state and a big event was organized in Bangalore for Prime Minister Modi. In this program, Prime Minister Modi talked about the 10% commission government. PM Modi accused the previous Siddaramaiah government of 10% commission. We have now said that BJP is a 40% commission government. Did we mention that this commission is government? Prime Minister Modi himself has started it, if it is a matter of percentage then who started this dirty politics, Ramalingareddy said.

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