Congress President’s post: Pilot said, no one can hold two posts IG News

  • Ashok Gehlot had hinted to the MLAs that he would remain in office as Chief Minister
  • No one can hold two posts in Congress: Sachin Pilot
  • Status will be clear in next 2-3 days: Pilot

All eyes are on the politics of Rajasthan amid the Congress presidential election. Amid nominations for the post of Speaker, Ashok Gehlot had hinted to the MLAs that he would remain in office as Chief Minister. In this matter, now Sachin Pilot said that no one can hold two positions in Congress.

On the question of Ashok Gehlot contesting for the post of Congress president, Pilot said that in the next 2-3 days the situation will be clear as to who will file the candidature. Congress is the only party where elections for the post of President are being conducted in such a transparent manner.

Pilot’s statement comes at a time when questions are being raised about the new Rajasthan CM in the event of CM Ashok Gehlot becoming the Congress president. According to sources – Ashok Gehlot had a meeting with the MLAs on Tuesday night itself, in this meeting Gehlot told the MLAs that first he will convince Rahul Gandhi to contest the elections and if he does not agree then he will file his candidature. We will do as the party high command says. He said that he is a loyal soldier of the party.

Also, in a meeting with MLAs, Gehlot indicated that he would remain in power as Chief Minister. He said, “I am not going anywhere, don’t worry. Wherever I go, I will serve Rajasthan and I am not going away from you.”

After the meeting, Food Supply Minister Pratapsinh Khachariawas said on the speculation that Gehlot will file candidacy for the post of Congress President, Chief Minister himself is a senior leader, he will fill the nomination for the National President, what will happen, all these things about Gehlot, Soniaji Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi And the Congress will sit with the High Command and take a decision.


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