Congress Screening Committee meeting today | City Congress Committee gave 5 names from Burhanpur Assembly, all new faces who never contested elections. IG News

Burhanpur (M.P.)14 minutes ago

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There is a deep deliberation going on between Congress and BJP regarding ticket distribution for the upcoming assembly elections. The list of Congress candidates may be released in a day or two. The special thing is that there are many leaders in the race for the assembly elections, but this time the names sent by the City Congress Committee to the party high command are shocking.

Actually, the City Congress Committee is talking about giving a chance to new faces. City Congress Committee President Rinku Tak said – 5 names have been sent to the party high command by the City Congress. These five names are secret, but it is certain that all are new faces who have never contested elections before. This time we want to give a chance to a new face from Congress.

Contenders gather in Delhi, will return once tickets are finalized

Most of the Congress leaders have gathered in Delhi for the last two days. It is being told that whoever’s name is finalized will return only after taking the ticket. Congress Screening Committee meeting is going to be held in Delhi from 12 noon on Tuesday. It will be decided in this meeting only which face the party will give a chance to from Burhanpur Assembly this time.

BJP can also finalize a surprising name

A shocking name can also be given by the Bharatiya Janata Party in Burhanpur Assembly. Here too many leaders are staking their claim. The list of names is going to be released in a day or two. This is happening for the first time that the contenders for the assembly ticket are not only running to Bhopal but also to Delhi again and again.

Many complications are stuck in Nepanagar assembly also

There are many complications in Nepanagar Assembly also. Here also both the parties are hesitant in declaring candidates ahead of time. Congress’s thinking is that BJP should first finalize the name, whereas BJP organization is waiting for Congress to release the list, because the equations of the area will be decided after seeing the face of the candidate. The survey conducted by Kamal Nath is considered to be the main basis of ticket in Congress. Only if the circumstances change, there can be some churning in the name of survey. The second basis has been the choice of the workers.

There is also an internal thinking of Congress that the more late the ticket is given, the more will be the party’s publicity in the field, because more than a dozen contenders are roaming in the field and campaigning for Congress, but only if one name is finalized then someone will campaign. nobody. That’s why Congress is not finalizing the name.

Congress leaders say that this time the ticket will be given with a bang. At the same time, some contenders in BJP are completely confident that only they are getting the ticket. However, nothing has been clarified yet by the party. BJP can also release the list of candidates within two days.