Congress: Today is the notification for the election of the Congress president.. It seems that Rahul Gandhi is not in the race..! IG News

Congress party is all set for the presidential election. The process of election of new AICC President (Congress President) will start from today. The notification regarding the election of the Congress President will be released today. It is being discussed that this time a non-Gandhi Congress leader will get the reins of the presidency. It has been spreading for many days that Rahul Gandhi is not willing to take the responsibilities of the party. In this background, the name of Rajasthan CM Ashok Gahlot is heard mainly in the race for the new president. There is still no clarity on whether Rahul Gandhi will contest the election or not. Nominations will be accepted from October 24 to 30. But senior party leader Jairam Ramesh made it clear that Rahul Gandhi will be on the Bharat Jodo Yatra during those days. On the other hand, on Wednesday, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot (Ashok Gehlot)… met Congress President Sonia Gandhi (Sonia Gandhi) and several senior leaders. In this background, it is clear that he is contesting as the national presidential candidate of the Congress. And will he compete alone? Or is there anyone else in the ring? It is to be known. Senior leader Shashi Tharoor is also reported to be in the presidential race. He also reached the party headquarters. He met Madhusudan Mistry, chairman of the party’s Central Election Authority. Many leaders who are claiming to contest the elections are demanding to give the voters list to the candidates. It is reported that Tharoor has come to meet Madhusudan Mistry in this regard. Now it seems that Digvijay Singh has also entered the race. Congress: ‘Even if I am in the Congress chief race..’.. Digvijay Singh’s interesting comments.. Digvijay Singh made important comments on Ashok Gahlot. He referred to the issues of the Congress meeting held earlier in the year at Udaipur. It was reminded that it was decided in that meeting that one person.. one term. He said that if Ashok Gehlat is elected as Congress chief, he will have to resign from the post of CM. On the question whether he is contesting for the post of party chief, he said that everyone has the right to contest. Digvijay Singh said that you will know the answer till the evening of 30th. Do you know how many votes Congress will get in the presidential election? Many senior leaders have encouraged Rahul Gandhi to take over as the President of the Congress Party. PCCs of more than ten states have already passed a unanimous resolution to elect Rahul Gandhi as the chief and sent it to Delhi. But Rahul Gandhi is reluctant. It was in this sequence that Ashok Gahlot came on the screen. Ashok Gahlot stated that he will try till the end to convince Rahul Gandhi.. After that he will take a decision. He said that whatever responsibility the party gives, he will fulfill it. He made it clear that if the party feels that he is needed as the party president, he will not be denied.

Meanwhile, the notification for the presidential election of the Congress party will be released today. According to the election schedule, the process of filing nominations will continue from September 24 to 30. October 8 is the last date for withdrawal of nominations. If there is only one nomination, there will be no election. They should be considered unanimously elected. If more than one candidate contests, voting will be held on October 17. The results will be declared on October 19.

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