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GENEVA- The World Health Organization has warned China to be more transparent in sharing real data about the coronavirus.

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At the end of December 2019, the first corona virus spread in our neighboring country, Wuhan, China.

This infection has spread to many countries of the world including India, America, Britain and France. It was only after vaccines were discovered and administered to the general population that many countries returned to normalcy.


The World Health Organization is investigating the cause of the Corona virus. In this regard, officials of the World Health Organization who went to Wuhan, China conducted several investigations.

However, China has not yet provided the organization with the actual data of corona infection. Despite the World Health Organization’s insistence many times, China is showing the trend.

In this case, “China should be transparent in sharing the real data about Corona,” the head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom has emphasized.

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Regarding this, he further said:

The data recently released by the Chinese Center for Disease Control is related to the 2020 coronavirus samples taken from Huanan Market in Wuhan.

These were downloaded and analyzed by many scientists. When we asked for this data, China refused to provide it. This cannot be accepted.

China should be transparent in sharing real data on the spread of Corona. Only then can we know the real reason behind the spread of corona virus.

This is what he said.

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