Crime News: Kidnapping of children during the day, knife robbery in the evening; Ainati’s theft was exposed in front of the police! IG News

Bengaluru: Parents, take care of your children or else they will sneak up on you and escape with your children. Yes, you will be shocked to see this story. Yes, the one who looks like cactus in this photo is Child Theft. In the blink of an eye, the woman of Khatarnak carries the Kandamma in the house as if the family has come to her own house.

The public had handed it over to the police

Accused name is Nandini alias Ayesha. A few days ago, she stole a new-born baby in Kalasipalya and ran suspiciously carrying the baby and got caught in the hands of the public. The police arrested her and interrogated her. During the investigation, all the thefts of the accused came to light.

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Going door to door for money in the name of NGO

It is as if she is entering the house on the pretext of asking for donation, holding a brochure of an NGO and some organization. It was as if she was begging for help from those at home. If they lost their mind and went inside to bring money, it was as if she would take all the things she could get and escape from the place.

As night fell, the woman was going down to rob

This is said to be the duty that Madam Kakhi used to do during the day. It seems that the night time Ainati woman was also doing robbery with a knife and a knife. At present, all these stories have come to light during the police investigation. The police are also continuing the investigation as to who she was stealing the children from and giving them to.

He left the newborn baby in the temple

Someone left a cow that was just born near the Anjaneya Swamy temple in the city’s Yeshavantpura at night. Locals who saw the newborn girl immediately informed the police. The Hoysala personnel who came to the spot admitted Kandamma to the hospital in their vehicle. Currently, the newborn baby is healthy and an FIR under IPC 317 has been registered at Yeshwantpur police station.