Cristiano Ronaldo | Cristiano Ronaldo created history in Portugal vs Ghana match, beat Pele too, know when he became the world’s greatest goalscorer IG News

Vinay Kumar

New Delhi: On Thursday, November 24, in a Group-H match of Qatar FIFA World Cup, 2022, Portugal defeated Ghana (Portugal vs Ghana) 3-2 in a very interesting and thrilling match and won their World Cup. start up. But, the world’s greatest scorer Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored the first goal in this match, created a new history. Ronaldo overtook former Brazilian player Pele, who is called Bhishma Pitamah of the football world, and set a new example.

In the second half of the match for Portugal, in the 65th minute of the match, forward Cristiano Ronaldo made no mistake in a penalty shot and fired a bullet into the Ghanaian goal post, leaving the goalkeeper stunned. By scoring this goal, Cristiano Ronaldo became the first footballer in the world to score goals in 5 different FIFA World Cups so far. As soon as he scored this goal, he went ahead of the great personalities of the world of football, Pele of Brazil and Uwe Seeler and Miroslav Klose of Germany. All of them scored goals in 4 World Cups.

The history of international football confirms that this goal scored by Cristiano Ronaldo against Ghana was the 118th goal of his international career. Significantly, in a match played against Ireland in the month of September 2021, he broke the record of 109 goals by Iran’s great striker Ali Daei and has scored 9 more goals since then.


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