Cut to pieces and burned with acid; Tai brutally finishes off the younger; The question of the night came to life IG News

Patna: Police have arrested three people in connection with the brutal murder of a nine-year-old girl in Bihar’s Hajipur. The accused include the elder sister of the dead girl along with her boyfriend. The police informed that the accused killed the girl very cruelly. The police investigated the incident and arrested the elder sister of the dead girl. The accused girl is 13 years old. She killed her younger sister with the help of her lover. Her body was hidden in a box for almost four days. Fearing that they would be caught, the two accused cut the body of the minor girl into pieces and then poured acid on it and set it on fire. To investigate the murder that took place on May 19, the police took the help of a forensic lab and a dog team. This started the case. Superintendent of Police Ravi Ranjan Kumar informed that the elder sister of the dead girl is only 13 years old. The accused girl was having an affair with a village boy. On the night of May 15, the younger sister saw the two in an offensive position. Tai, what are you doing, she asked. Both of them were afraid that they will get into trouble if the younger sister talks about this to anyone. So they both killed the 9-year-old girl and kept her body in a box. The police caught the accused sister and her lover in handcuffs. The girl’s aunt has also been arrested along with them. It has been found that she is also involved in this murder case. A 9-year-old girl went missing on May 16. Her body was found in the bushes behind her house on May 19.