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Having a pet dog in the house is enough, we don’t know time has passed and we don’t feel bored at any time. That’s why many keep a small cute animal at home. Especially after the children go to school, it is always with the housewife as a protection and it is also very fun for the children to play with it and caress it. These pets need not only care, love and affection from the owner of the house, but also extra time from the owner of the house.

Just like you take care of children in your home, these pets need to be taken care of as well. But these pets are very pleasing to the mind.

But sometimes when all the members of the household are busy with their own work, there is no one to pay attention to the pet. Then we see pets playing with toys in your home, especially with these soft dolls.

What did the dog do in this video??

A video is now doing rounds on social media showing how these pets try to make the most of the toys available at home when their owners are away. This video clip of only seven seconds is guaranteed to entertain you.

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In this video posted on Twitter by Beutengebiden on Monday, we can see the beautiful golden retriever snuggling up on the sofa at home and starting to play with a soft toy. The dog then brings the soft doll close to its mouth and kisses it. This video shows us how much a dog loves to play with his toy.

According to this post, the dog’s name is Teddy and it lives with its owner, Jonathan. The dog and its owner also have a separate Twitter handle with the name “A Guy and a Golden”.

This video has received 3 million views

Within hours, the video has garnered over 3.1 million views and has also garnered more than a lakh likes so far. The post has been retweeted more than 11,000 times and counting. Several users related the post to their own pets and gave cute comments and others liked the video a lot.

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Another video of pet dogs goes viral..

A recent viral video shows two golden retrievers waking up their owner by his bed in the morning. After being shared on the Instagram account page, the video has received over 1.8 lakh views and over 13,000 likes.

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