Daam virus that targets Android phones and spreads… Central government warns to be careful IG News

The central government has issued a warning about the spread of a virus called ‘Daam’ which targets Android phones. It is reported that these viruses infect and hack mobile phones. The National Cyber ​​Security Agency (CERT) has warned that sensitive data such as cell phone calls, contacts, history and cameras can be hacked.

The National Cyber ​​Security Agency, a body under the central government, is tasked with monitoring and ensuring the country’s cyber security. The virus, which targets Android phones, is said to spread through third-party websites or applications downloaded from untrusted sites.

Also, it has been warned that it can hack phones and change passwords, take screenshots, steal SMS, upload and download files, etc.

Therefore, all users are advised to protect their Android phones by installing updated anti-virus and anti-spyware software. Also, watch out for suspicious cell phone numbers. The cyber agency said that all the fraudsters use fake numbers like this to spread viruses.

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Also ‘bitly’ and ‘tinyurl’ hyperlinks like: “http://bit.ly/” “nbit.ly” and “tinyurl.com/”. It has been advised to delete text messages with URLs like AD if received or stored on the cell phone. It has also been advised not to click on suspicious links on cell phones.

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