Dasharatha separation from his son and story of Shravan Kumar. Ram Mandir Katha Quiz 1: Story of separation of King Dasharatha’s son and Shravan Kumar IG News

locationAyodhyaPublished: Sep 20, 2023 12:15:54 pm

Ram Mandir Katha Quiz 1: The story of King Dasharatha and Shravan Kumar is told in this short story. Besides, a quiz has also been given at the end of the story, the winner of which will be given a certificate. Also, one lucky winner will get a chance for a trip to Ram Temple from Patrika Group.


King Dasharatha’s separation from his son and the story of Shravan Kumar

Ram Mandir Katha Quiz 1: Shravan Kumar is known for his infinite devotion and love towards his parents. He was the only child of his blind parents. Once, when he went to fetch water from the adjacent pond to quench the thirst of his blind parents, he died due to an arrow of Dasharatha, the king of Ayodhya. Whenever there is a discussion about serving parents in Sanatan Dharma, Shravan Kumar’s name comes first. Let us know who Shravan Kumar was and what is his relation with Ram Katha. Some questions based on this story have been given in the form of quiz. The link to the quiz will be found at the end of the story.