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-Seema Kumari

During pregnancy, women need to pay special attention to their diet. Because, during this time they are advised to take iron tablets for sufficient amount of blood in the body. But some women have problems like constipation, nausea, vomiting due to these pills. In such a situation, if dates are consumed, then it will not only be helpful in increasing the blood in the body of women. Rather, many types of problems can be relieved. Let’s know about the benefits of eating dates in pregnancy –

According to experts, sufficient amount of nutrients are found in dry dates, which are considered beneficial to overcome the problem of weakness in the body. Consumption of dates is very beneficial to protect the body from weakening during pregnancy. You can also eat dry dates by adding it to milk or kheer.

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Eating dates is very beneficial for the heart. The anti-inflammatory properties, anti-oxidant and hypolipidemic properties present in dates are very beneficial for the heart. Eating dates is very beneficial to reduce the risk of heart diseases. Its consumption during pregnancy works to protect against heart-related problems.

According to diet experts, there is a sufficient amount of iron in dates, its consumption works to prevent anemia in pregnancy. Eating dates is also very beneficial for increasing the amount of red blood cells in the body. During pregnancy, problems like anemia are often seen in women. To avoid this situation, you can consume dates.

Fiber is found in abundance in dates. Because of this, they are very effective in stomach related problems. It removes the problem of constipation. After eating it, the stomach feels full for a long time. Which prevents unnecessary eating and keeps weight under control.

Experts believe that dates also strengthen bones, eye muscles, teeth. Folic acid promotes better development of the baby. In such a situation, the consumption of dates can be very beneficial for health.


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