Delhi HC allows seminar on ‘fascism’ to be held after permission denied by Delhi Police IG News

The Delhi High Court on Friday allowed the holding of a national seminar by members of a collective called “Bharat Bachao” and asked the organizers to provide the list of participants and their details to the police.

Justice Tushar Rao Gedela asked all the parties to cooperate with each other to ensure that the seminar is held in a peaceful atmosphere and no untoward incident takes place.

Gade Ina Reddy and Mondru Francis Gopinath had approached the court with a complaint that the Delhi Police had unilaterally asked them to organize a private event titled “Understanding Fascism in Present India Concept” two days before the event to be held on March 11. permission was refused. -12 at HKS Surjit Bhawan in New Delhi.

The Delhi Police on Thursday issued a letter of cancellation stating that the “Bharat Bachao” collective is an “anonymous group” and police have not been able to obtain “details of the anonymous group”, hence claiming that the group is an “anonymous group”. Create disturbances in law and order by organizing group seminars.

The petitioners stated that they are members of “Bharat Bachao”, a group of scholars, social workers, advocates and politicians, and wish to give their views on issues concerning the society at large.


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