delhi police major drug haul, 355 kg drugs, worth 2 thousand crores; 355kg heroin worth rs 2,000 crore coated on licorice roots was hidden in Navi Mumbai IG News

Navi Mumbai: Delhi Police has taken a major action by raiding Navi Mumbai. The special team of Delhi Police has recently taken action to seize heroin worth Rs 2000 crore along with its container. Interestingly, these drugs were hidden in licorice buds. 355 kg of Afghan heroin hidden in licorice buds is worth Rs 2000 crore in the international market. This is the biggest action so far.

A special cell has intercepted a container arriving from Iran via Dubai at the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust in Navi Mumbai and seized the drugs. This operation has been going on for the past fifteen days. A special team of Delhi Police has seized these drugs before they were taken to Delhi. A few days ago, Delhi Police arrested two Afghan smugglers in Lucknow and Delhi. 312 kg of methamphetamine and 10 kg of heroin were seized from these traffickers. During their investigation, the Delhi Police got information about the presence of narcotics in a container that arrived at Nahwa-Shewa port from Afghanistan a year and a half ago. Based on this information, a team of Delhi Police’s special cell entered Navi Mumbai on September 16.

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With the help of Navi Mumbai Police, as Delhi Police brought a search warrant to inspect the container from the Patiala House Court in Delhi, D. of the suspected 40 feet container kept at Ashte Logistics in Panvel for the last one and a half years. Checked with R.I., Customs, as well as local police. Heroin was found in 4 to 6 inches of licorice root (licorice root) in the container. Therefore, the Delhi Police has seized the container containing the drug-laced licorice root and taken it to Delhi for further investigation. It is said that the heroin-laced roots of licorice weighing about 350 kg are worth around Rs 1,725 ​​crore in the international market.

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Police found licorice buds in as many as 17 bags. In this case, when the officials conducted a preliminary investigation, the entire cargo was already checked. So nothing much was found there. The bags in which the heroin was kept were damaged, and the elderberry roots were also in a rotten state.

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