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Nagarakata: The workers besieged the garden managers for almost a whole day demanding bonus in one installment. After somehow collecting the money and giving the bonus in the afternoon, the problem is solved. The event cattle herding Block Rugan Lower Fagu tea garden (Tea Garden). On this day, four hundred workers were given bonus. Bonus will be given to staff and sub staff next week. Manager Sujoy Mukhopadhyay said, ‘This garden is currently suffering from severe financial crisis due to very low productivity. Accordingly, the workers were asked to cooperate in settling the bonus issue through dialogue. whatever That didn’t happen anymore. The workers’ bonus has been paid in one installment. I have requested everyone to maintain peace and order in Bagan.’

According to this year’s bonus agreement, 19.5 percent was sold in Lower Phagu. The owner wanted to pay it in two installments. The workers did not want to accept it. On this day, they surrounded the garden managers demanding to pay the bonus immediately. Position demonstration programs are also held. Later bonus is paid to workers through bank account.

According to Lower Phagu authorities, the current productivity per hectare is only 540 kilograms till August this year. Which is very less from the point of view of tea industry. Due to climate change, disease attack, geography and many other reasons, new leaves from tea plants are not growing well. The manager said, ‘We are making every effort to make the garden profitable. But with the current situation, we are all worried about the future.’

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