Democratic senators urge Biden to use 14th amendment to avoid debt default IG News

WASHINGTON: A group of US Senate Democrats asked President Joe Biden to prepare to invoke the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution to avoid debt default if talks with Republicans fail, according to a letter released Thursday. Can go

Led by independent Bernie Sanders, who caucuses with Democrats, the 11 lawmakers said that while they applauded Biden’s efforts to find a bipartisan deal to lift the debt limit, Republicans in Congress “did not act in good faith.” Was doing.”

“We write to request urgently that you are prepared to exercise your right under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which clearly states: ‘The validity of the public debt of the United States shall not be called in question, he wrote to Biden, a fellow Democrat.

US VP Harris, economic advisor Brainard warn of recession if debt defaults

“Using this authorization will allow the United States to continue paying its bills on time, without delay, averting a global catastrophe,” he said.

Biden is continuing talks with Speaker of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy during his visit to the G7 summit in Japan this week, ahead of the June 1 date when the US Treasury has said government funds will collapse if the debt ceiling is not lifted. can start coming out of ,

Periodically lifting the federal government’s borrowing limit allows the government to pay for spending that Congress has already authorized.