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A case of beating a black man to death by the police

Sacramento, January 31 (Hussan Ladoa Banga/Punjab Mail)-The death of a black man named Tyre Nichols after he was brutally beaten by Memphis Police Department officers at a traffic stop. In other places, including the state of California, people have protested and demanded justice. There are reports of people protesting in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Boston, Atlanta, Portland and New York. The protesters raised slogans against the police and demanded an end to police brutality. People say that the police have failed to follow the oath taken to protect the people. Although Nicholas was beaten on January 7th and he died three days later on January 10th, but the video of the beating was released yesterday, after which anger and rage are being expressed among people and they have taken to the streets. In the video, police officers are seen beating Nicholas with sticks. He is being scolded and beaten. Nicholas’ hands are seen tied behind his back and despite this he is being brutally beaten. After 23 minutes, Nicholas, who fell on the ground, was put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital. It is worth mentioning here that 5 police officers involved in this incident of beating have been dismissed and a case of murder and kidnapping has been registered against them and the Memphis Police Department has been dissolved.