Dense clouds in Alwar for 3 days, very little rain | There was a lot of relief from the heat, drizzling rain at many places IG News

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Dense clouds in Alwar city and light rain at many places.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Dense clouds in Alwar city and light rain at many places.

There are dense clouds in Alwar district for the last 3 days. But there is very little rainfall. In the last 24 hours, Kishangarhbas has received maximum rainfall of 20 mm in the district. Rest 2 mm of rain was recorded in Mundawar, 1 in Behror, 20 in Kishangarhbas, 2 in Bahadarpur, 3 in Thanagaji and 3 mm in Mangalsar. Drizzling rain and dense clouds have provided relief from the heat. The rest of the district has received less than average rainfall. There is also fear among farmers due to the weather. They feel that if there is too much rain, the crop may get spoiled.

less water in dams

Silisedh of Alwar district has 24.7 feet water, Mangalsar 7.8 feet, Bagherikhud 3.10 feet, Tusari dam has one feet water. The remaining dams are dry. This time the dam was not filled with water even once. Due to which even the bedsheet did not work.

Want 555 from Asait Rain

The average rainfall in the district should be 555 mm. But till now only 461 mm of rain has fallen. It is quite less. There was heavy rain in many parts of the state for three days. But there is less rainfall in Alwar even these days. Whereas here too there were dense clouds. But it did not rain heavily.

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