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Deprived of Gadigaokar, Abhishek Thakur scored a century for the Assam team. Abhishek with 115 against Bihar in Ranji Trophy – News18 English IG News


Assam batsman wicket keeper Abhishek Thakur made good use of the opportunity. Shillong’s Abhishek Thakury created a stir at the Barshapara Stadium in Guwahati. This season Mushtaq Ali, then Vijay Hazare and later Mumbai’s Sumit Gadigaokar replaced the wicketkeepers in Assam’s senior team.

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Shillong batsman wicket-keeper Abhishek Thakuri has been included in the Assam Ranji Trophy squad to replace Sumit Gadigaokar, who has consistently failed in all three formats.

Abhishek Thakur scored 115 off 244 balls with 19 boundaries and caught the case of Bihar innings opener Piyush Kumar Singh. Abhishek Thakur’s wonderful performances delight his co-stars. We hope other Assamese actors like Abhishek Thakur will also shine.

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