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Abhishek Gupta, a fashion businessman from Indore, passed away due to cardiac arrest at the age of 30. Abhishek was engaged 12 days before his death and was due to get married in May. In the house where everyone was preparing for the wedding, the death of the groom has come as a shock to everyone. Doctors are also shocked. Due to this incident, there has been a stir in the area.

30-year-old Abhishek Gupta was associated with the fashion business. He was going to get married to a fashion designer from Ratlam. The engagement took place on January 22 and the wedding was scheduled to take place on May 2. Even on the day of his death, Abhishek’s lifestyle was the same as everyday. After the engagement, Abhishek himself was busy with the wedding preparations. On February 4 also, he went to the fashion and ready-made shop at Geeta Bhawan at 11 am. After that he came to his home. He called out to his mother in a loud voice and said that he was very scared.

“The discomfort was not abating”

Abhishek also told his mother to take me to the hospital soon. The family rushed him to the hospital for treatment. When the doctor did the first ECG, they said everything was normal, but his discomfort was not going away. In such a situation, he was rushed to the ICU and kept on oxygen. His fear was growing. Two or three ECGs were done, but nothing came out. He was eventually put on life support.

Family members and doctors were also shocked

Abhishek’s condition worsened after that. He was put on a ventilator, but later the doctor declared Abhishek no more… dead. Abhishek passed away due to health deterioration within an hour. This incident has shocked the family as well as the doctors. Dainik Bhaskar has reported about this. A similar incident has also taken place in a village in Almora district of Uttar Pradesh. A shocking incident of the death of a doctor came to light. A doctor died suddenly while Saptapadi was going on in the wedding hall.

Bapre! While taking Saptapadi, Navardev fell down; 30-year-old doctor died of heart attack

It is said that the doctor suddenly felt pain in his chest and fell down due to dizziness. His family immediately rushed him to a private hospital, but the doctors declared him brought dead there. The name of this doctor is Sameer Upadhyay and he was a dentist in Matrix Hospital. On Friday, the groom left for his wedding. Sameer Upadhyay was in good health before assuming the post of Saptapadi. However, suddenly pain started in his chest. The death of Doctor Vara has shocked everyone. The age of the doctor was 30 years. Dr. Sameer’s death has left the family in mourning.

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