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News Daily Digital Desk: He drew a heart in the void by rounding it. This is his goal celebration style. Fans chanted, “O Maria, O Maria.” A similar scene was seen in the final at the Lusail Stadium on Sunday. An emotional Di Maria (Angel Di Maria) scored a goal and drew hearts in the void. cried Di Maria is teary-eyed after winning the World Cup 36 years after defeating France in a tiebreaker. It’s tears of joy.

The football world has seen tears in Maria’s eyes before. His fans are remembering a final eight years ago. Before that final, the Argentine winger broke down in tears in front of then coach Alejandro Sabella. He wanted to enter the next day’s final.

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But the injury is big. Maria suffered a torn hamstring in the quarterfinals. He was getting injections, taking pain relievers. Even so, the leg pain did not subside. But in front of the hand to touch the dream. Fearing the end of his football career, he still wanted to get on the field. Maria had a good relationship with manager Aleandro Sabaya. Going to his room early in the morning, Maria said, “If you take me down, I will play until I die.” Maria didn’t want to play in that final against Germany from the start. Then maybe there would have been pressure on Saber. So he said he wants to touch the World Cup once. Without being able to control the emotions, the stream of water came down from the eyes without knowing it.

When Sabea announced the squad for the final, Di Maria was not included. He was replaced by Enzo Perez in Sabah’s starting XI. Meanwhile, Di Maria was taking injections to ease the pain. If it goes down in the second half. But Di Maria never got that call from Sabea. Mario Gotze’s goal in the very last leg of the breathless final gave Germany the win. Messi’s dream is broken. Maria’s dream is also broken. A storm of questions arose in his mind. Did the Argentinian coach think Di Maria was nervous for crying in front of Sabah? He wanted to play.

His club Real Madrid sent a letter before the final saying, “You are not fit to play.” At that time, the emphasis was on James Rodriguez. It was heard that Real Madrid will sign James after the World Cup. And the Colombian star will be taken in place of Di Maria. Maria tore up the letter sent by Rial without reading it. That’s what folklore says.

Maria had not played regularly even before the suffocating match at the Lucille Stadium. In the final, Scaloni (Lionel Scaloni) sent him to the field. Maria flew as a bird on the left wing. The left-footed star was going out of touch. Buddy took the penalty for Messi. France broke the cycle and scored the second goal. It was only after he was taken off in the second half that the stone on France’s chest was lifted. Mbapera returned to the match. At the end of the day, however, the football-gods had written a different script for Leo Messi. The cup is in his hand. Di Maria is crying. This cry is of joy.

The painful memory of a cursed final eight years ago is being washed away by the tears of world victory.

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