Different claims of Congress-BJP. , The Prime Minister is saying that he will make a developed India, then the Chief Minister is saying that he will make a developed Rajasthan. IG News

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Before getting into the Mahasamar of 2023 assembly elections in Rajasthan, both the major parties in Rajasthan are suddenly changing their strategic plans. In the competition to step ahead of each other, the strategy is being copied.

In the last one month itself, the election plans of BJP and Congress were copied in such a way that despite the difference in ideology, the plans are similar.

The public is unable to understand that the method of ticket distribution should not be copied along with the plan. These days interesting similarities are being seen in the statements, plans, attacks of the high command and claims of both the big parties.

Understand from these 12 points… how plans are being copied

1. Assessment from external legislators

Last week, the BJP sent 200 MLAs from other states to Rajasthan to conduct a final assessment of each seat. So Congress has also made a plan to send 25 MLAs from 4 states here in a phased manner.

2. Which model will be adopted

Congress said that it has made a plan to contest elections on a mixture of Karnataka and Gujarat formula. BJP also said that it will contest elections on the Gujarat-UP model.

3. Eligibility for Tickets

On behalf of the Congress, CM Gehlot has said that even if someone is 90 years old, but if he is victorious, we will give him the ticket. Now BJP has also made preparations for relaxation in the age limit of 70 in some respectable cases.

4. Who will finalize the tickets?

A faction of the Congress is saying that only Gehlot and the team will finalize the ticket. The second group is saying that the tickets will be finalized after the survey of the high command. Same is the condition of BJP. A group is saying that the tickets will be finalized here with the intention of the state leadership. The second group is saying that the tickets will be decided after three surveys of the high command.

5. Both claim to win the seat

Congress is saying that we will win again in Rajasthan and will get 156 seats. BJP is saying that it will win 140+ seats.

6. Tickets will be cut for the present and the losers in both the parties.

Congress is also saying that 60 tickets will be cut for sure among the present MLAs and the losers. Total 100 can also be cut. BJP is also saying that this time new faces will also come in the ticket. There will be major changes to the previous ticket distribution.

7. The missions of both are also similar – developed country or region

PM Narendra Modi said- We are planning for 2047 from now itself. So immediately Gehlot brought Mission 2030. Modi said that he will make a developed India. Gehlot said that we will make a developed Rajasthan.

8. The plan of booth and field is also same.

BJP made a plan- In September, active workers will be elected on every seat. They will call 200-200 people for 10 days in a month. Will meet personally 2-2 daily. So the Congress has prepared a Mission 2030 document and kept a dialogue feedback plan with one crore people of the state. Along with this, there is a plan to start calling from the block level.

9. MLA Yatras in break of Parivartan Yatras

BJP has made a plan to take out 4 Parivartan Yatras from 2 September. So before that Congress is making teams of 2-2 MLAs and sending them on final feedback and public support tour of every district. This MLA is traveling.

10. Public campaign of both

Congress is simultaneously running three campaigns like inflation relief camps, rural and urban Olympics, free food packets. Claims to connect more than 1 crore people. So, ‘Rajasthan will not tolerate’ campaign is being run by the BJP among the public. Claims to connect lakhs of people with this campaign.

11. Slogan of both – Raj will change or custom

BJP said – we will change the rule. So the Congress gave the slogan, We will change the customs. We will repeat. Both were explaining their respective slogans to the public.

12. In both camps

The state Congress leadership also could not completely unite the two factions of the party. Even now both have their own plans and statements. Similarly there are two camps in BJP. The plan of the party high command and the leaders of the organization are walking on different paths. Less advice is being taken from the leaders of the other camp.

what different…

National leaders of BJP are visiting. PM Modi, BL Santosh, Om Mathur, Amit Shah etc are visiting. But the tour of national leaders of Congress has not started yet. CM Ashok Gehlot is the biggest face. Only in-charge Sukhjinder Randhawa is touring.

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