Do not mix banana with other fruits IG News

Banana: Some people are crazy about banana shake (banana and milk solution). If you make a single use of banana shake then it is very beneficial. But if you drink banana shake by mixing it with any other fruit smoothie, the flavanol compound will be removed from it. That means there will be loss of nutrients from it and there will be no benefit from it. Therefore, do not mix banana with any mixed fruit smoothie even by mistake. Actually, flavanol is a compound which activates the brain fibers and makes it healthy. Apart from this, flavanol is very beneficial for the body. Now a new research has found that if banana is added to the smoothie then the level of flavanol in it reduces significantly. During the study, it was found that flavanol affects different levels of polyphenol oxidase. Flavanol is a natural compound found in various foods and drinks that is important for intellectual ability and heart health.

Flavanol levels become low
Smoothies made from cocoa, peach, blackberry, blueberry, grape, apple etc. have very high levels of flavanols. But if you add banana to it then the level of flavanol will reduce significantly. Research author Xavier Ottaviani said, “We tried to understand at a very practical level how this affects flavanol levels after consuming normal food and a smoothie made from banana and mixed fruit. Therefore researchers experimented with higher activity of polyphenol oxidase. For this, the people involved in the experiment were given a mixed smoothie made from banana. On the other hand, some people were given flavanol capsules.

It is important to take care of the combination
The study concluded that those who consumed a smoothie mixed with bananas had 84 percent lower levels of flavanols than those in the control group. Javian said, was really surprised by this research. Because when we include bananas in smoothies, it rapidly reduces the level of flavanols. Due to this, very little flavanol reaches the body. This revealed that before mixing different types of fruits in making smoothies, it is necessary to think about their combination as well. According to the Academy of Nutritionists and Dietetics, every person needs 400 to 600 mg of flavanols daily.