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Kolkata : Chaitra month has started. Maa Durga’s Navratri is also celebrated in this month. Navratri begins from the Pratipada date of Chaitra Shukla Paksha. These nine days are the days of worship and worship of Maa Durga. It is said that during these days Maa Durga comes on the earth among the devotees and being pleased with them showers a lot of blessings. According to astrology, people perform the rituals of Durga Saptashati for nine days during Navratri. Many times Durga Saptshati recitation and other types of experiments are used to get rid of the problems of life. If you are also worried about any problem, then you too can overcome your problems with these measures.

Mother Durga will make spoiled Work

In astrology, the benefits of Durga Saptshati recitation have been told. It is said that Mother Bhagwati’s Adyashakti is praised. It has been told in the scriptures that just by reading this, all the biggest troubles and sufferings of a person go away. For this reason, its importance has been told so much. Astrologers say that there is a method to recite Durga Saptshati. If Durga Saptashati is recited with full method, then surely all the troubles go away.

Durga Saptashati Lesson, Of during keep These things Of Attention

– Take special care of purity during Durga Saptashati lesson. Wear clean clothes after bath etc. This recitation should be done while sitting on the seat of kusha or wool. Along with this, do not touch the feet with hands while reciting.

Before starting the recitation of Durga Saptshati, keep the book on a red cloth and offer flowers and flowers on it. Start reading the book only after worship.

– Chanting the Narwan Mantra “Om Ain Hree Kleem Chamundaye Viche” before and after Durga Saptashati recitation in Navratri is beneficial.

According to astrology, the pronunciation of each word in Durga Saptashati text should be clear. Do not use words in reverse. While talking, do it in such a way that you can hear each and every word correctly.

It is said that yawning should not be taken during the lesson. It shows laziness. So keep the mind calm and steady.

– If someday due to time, Durga Saptashati cannot be recited completely, then pray to the Goddess to accept the worship by reciting the Kunjika Stotra given at the end of Saptashati.

After the lesson is over, at the end, do ask forgiveness from Maa Durga for any kind of mistake or mistake.


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