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‘Do what I say, quietly, or else…’ the friend did what he wanted, a story of brutality in the hotel. IG News


Gwalior. A case of rape of a 28-year-old girl has come to light in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. A girl living in Agra came to Gwalior to meet her sister. Here he made friends with his sister’s neighbor. After this friendship, he took the girl for a walk. Meanwhile, he raped a girl in the hotel. He committed this rape by threatening the girl. Based on the girl’s report, the police registered a case. The young man runs away after the incident. The police predict that the accused will be arrested soon. After this incident, a feeling spread in the area.

Gwalior Additional SP Niranjan Sharma said the girl suddenly reached Padav police station with her family members. In the report, she told the police that she was raped by a friend. The 28-year-old girl said that on January 25, I came to Gwalior to meet my elder sister. Meanwhile, on January 29, I met Sameer Khan, who lives in my sister’s neighborhood. We soon became friends and grew closer. Two days ago, Sameer Khan took me out for a walk. He took me to Hotel Stay Inn in Railway Colony.

Under this pretext, he raped the girl
The girl told me that Sameer told me that I have a minor job here. I’ll come when I finish this. I trusted him and went to the hotel room. As soon as I entered the room, Sameer Khan started misbehaving with me. When I protested against it, he threatened me. He threatened me and raped me. After that he moved on arbitrarily.

Told the ordeal to family members
The girl told the police that she was scared after this incident. She did everything according to Sameer’s instructions. After she arrived home safely, she told her family about her ordeal. After that, the family took him to the Padav police station and complained about the matter. Based on the girl’s complaint, the police registered a case of rape against accused Sameer Khan. The police predict that the accused will be arrested soon.

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