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Self-proclaimed property maven Dominic Grubisa seems to have an obsession with former US President Donald Trump. David Donovan has uncovered some similarities between the pair.

Property and wealth maven, Dominic Grubisa, takes it each week to write to her current and potential “students”, whom she calls her. ‘Be so happy that seeing you make others happy too’, This is to give them a snapshot of what she is focusing on, reading, observing, reading and reflecting.

In the first such email, Grubisa told her students that she was considering ten behaviors of high achievers—something that seems to have been derived from Entrepreneur Magazine, These behaviors include ‘No patience for the status quo’, ‘never [admitting] Defeat’One ‘Need to win…extremely’ and having ‘A chip on his shoulder’,

recently ‘Be so happy that seeing you make others happy too’ Emailed, Grubissa tells her students that she is focused on the Dunning-Kruger effect. As Grubisa says, it is ‘Where disabled people under-estimate their abilities, knowledge and skills in an area’,

The media has been full of stories in recent years of how Donald Trump is a classic example of this influence.

David Dunning wrote a piece for politics magazine In May 2016, Trump expressed his views on the relevance of the syndrome to voters and the individual himself.

Dunning said in this regard:

The key to the Dunning-Kruger effect is not that uninformed voters are uninformed; It is that they are often misinformed – their heads are full of false data, facts and theories that can lead to false conclusions with conviction.’

Grubissa, in her own writing and podcast, refers to how Trump has been somewhat of a mentor to her.

In a podcast interview with Tyrone Shum from property investmentPublished in December 2018, Grubissa commented that when she hit rock bottom, she read Trump’s art of comeback And the art of bargaining, When she came under special circumstances she would ask “Okay, so what will Donald Trump do now? What would he do in this situation?” taking advantage of their knowledge and “modeling myself out of that kind of stuff”,

Description of the book of Grubissa Managing Debt – Turning Your Finances Around (published in 2010) refers to strategies in drawing book ‘Somewhat on what Donald Trump did in the late ’80s,

One thing Grubisa has told her students over the years is that if a bank steps into the house and takes it back, it will keep everything and make no changes.

(Source: DG Institute)

Four years ago, convicted consumer advocate Carolyn Bond AO wrote a post on her blog, naysayerwhich refers to the claims made by Grubissa real estate rescue manual.

Caroline commented:

In one case, the investor states that the owner will “get nothing of their equity when they sell the asset”. [by the bank]and that “the $220K equity will be consumed by the bank and its attorneys because the banks do not provide change”. In another case study, the investor would sell the “bank property to the owner in respect of $180K equity in a $300K home and Will put everything in his pocket,” he says.

He continued:

‘it is not true. Banks have a legal obligation to pay any surplus to the borrower and are usually paid off. Of course, banks don’t always act fairly, but if a bank doesn’t market an asset appropriately, or deducts more than a reasonable cost, the owner can file a dispute with the AFCA that results in compensation. payment may take place. [see AFCA Approach to Mortgagee Sales],

Such claims have been reiterated by “mentors” whom Grubisa employs as part of her to train people in her strategies. Elite Mentoring Program, This is quite evident from the comments made online.

Dominic Grubisa's hunter 'game-changer'

On 28 November 2018, one of Grubissa’s students published a post on property connect Facebook page about a comment made by a “distressed” owner.

he said:

‘I was under the impression that in a mortgaged possession, the distressed homeowner loses whatever equity he has in the home. But, this aggrieved owner says he will be entitled to whatever equity is left after all costs [are] Involved in a foreclosure.’

He sought help in this matter.

One student piped:

‘I think the owner is more likely to deny or give false information.’

Said another:

‘I do. My understanding was that the bank takes equity, the owner gets nothing.’

'Patently' dishonest Dominic Grubisa

One of the mentors shouted:

Dominic often says, ‘Banks don’t give change’. The homeowner would be fighting an uphill battle to recover anything.’

Another mentor was quick on the attack, asking the questioner to consider the following questions:

Why do you put more weight on the words of a distressed homeowner or a real estate agent rooted in a curriculum prescribed by a barrister whose specific expertise is in debt collection and bad debt cleanup?

If you really didn’t think the information contained in the course was valid and effective, why did you pay for the course and sit down?

Are you questioning the validity of a program of information that can help you put out the fire and step out of your comfort zone?

The student quickly got on the back foot and was saying that

‘… should have gone back to the handbook and the video, all excited before the distressed homeowner threw that curveball at me.’

Of course, the distressed homeowner was right.

Dominic 'disturbed asset' Grubisa stripped of legal practice certificate

Perhaps the problem for Grubissa’s students, like Trump voters whom Dunning thought, is not that they are uninformed, but that they have been misinformed.

And not just those who sign up for it real estate rescue program, but also those who have signed up for an asset protection product.

as grubisa said master money control Video that had been featured on YouTube for years and was taken down the day before Richard Baker published his first story about his asset protection claims:

“At the end of the day imagine what you have and imagine that it is rock bottom for you. Whatever lies ahead, you can never go back.

You can’t lose what you have. So, this is your financial rock bottom. From here the only way is up. By the end of this season, you will be empowered to move forward without the fear of losing.”

As we reported in March, customers of Grubissa have been inundated with such claims.

But maybe as Trump told us that “I have full respect for China… Donald Trump’s very, very, big brain”We should have full respect for what Katy News About Grubisa’s vast legal knowledge said in May last year.

In case you’re not familiar with that publication, it’s an online news website based in Katy, Texas (population about 22,000) in the good old United States. Website PRflare You can get guest posts on the site for only $275.

Catfishing with Dominic Grubisa: DG Institute's fake review

Surely this is not another example of the kind of fake reviews/news we wrote about in October 2020 and last year in May and July.

More recently, Grubisa may have been drawing more inspiration from Trump, when he told his audience in an email in July ‘Conflict! (and an apology)’,

‘First of all, I’m kidding about the apology part.

Mainly because I’m not sorry.’

Later in the email, Grubissa said [IA emphasis],

‘I don’t apologize for what I do and as long as I can hurt or make something great’ fake news In the headlines, no one can argue for profit in real estate with the consequences for our community.’

As written by Barbara Reuss New York Daily News In January last year, Trump is ‘Never sorry, never wrong, never weak’,

Like Trump, Grubissa is not sorry and is playing the fake news card.

Last year, a current affair Alleged Grubisa’s business created fake loan amounts in documents provided to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) and other creditors, in order to manipulate the description of assets and liabilities to suggest the existence of loans that did not exist . Now, Trump (his mentor) is facing a civil fraud lawsuit for unfairly increasing his net worth.

We wonder, when her business was embroiled in a strategy to falsify financial records, did Grubisa once again ask herself – what would Trump do in this situation?

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