Don’t pay bills from June, says Karnataka BJP MP. Sangbad Pratidin IG News

Published by: Biswadip Dey | Posted: May 25, 2023 8:45 pm| Updated: May 25, 2023 9:16 pm

Don't pay bills from June, says Karnataka BJP MP.  Sangbad Pratidin

News Daily Digital Desk: Siddaramaiah is sitting on the seat of the Chief Minister of Karnataka for the second time. The BJP has practically had to fall on its face with the results of the polls. Now the new ruling Congress of the state has been pushed by the Padma Shibir. The century-old party’s election promise promised to provide free electricity once it came to power. Keeping that promise in mind, Mysuru’s BJP MP Pratap Sinha advised the people of the state not to pay electricity bills from June 1.

The Congress manifesto demanded that 200 units of electricity would be provided to every family after coming to power. To recall that, Pratap held a protest rally in Mysuru-Kodagu region. The BJP leader demanded that the Congress fulfill its promise of free electricity service. His advice to the people of the state is to pay only if the electricity bill is more than 200 units. And that too excluding the price of 200 units. The rest do not need to pay the electricity bill.

[আরও পড়ুন: চাপে উইপ্রোর আর্থিক পরিস্থিতি! সংস্থার চেয়ারম্যানের ভাতা হয়ে গেল অর্ধেক!]

The leader of the Padma Shibir warned that if the Congress does not fulfill its promise, it will go on a continuous agitation from June 1. It should be noted that in this election where BJP got 135 seats, BJP got only 66 seats.

[আরও পড়ুন: অগ্নিগর্ভ মণিপুরে যাবেন অমিত শাহ, শান্তি বজায় রাখার বার্তা স্বরাষ্ট্রমন্ত্রীর]

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