Dr. Shyam Sunder Deepti’s book ‘Ek Bhari-Pura Din’ Inspirational Autobiography – Ujagar Singh | Punjab News IG News

IMG_0413.resizedDr. Shyam Sunder Deepti is the best health writer. His articles on diseases related to human health continue to be published in newspapers. He has 18 articles in this book. This book is the autobiography of Dr. Shyam Sunder Deepti, but he has made his autobiography inspiring for the people. The way of living life from morning to evening has been described. He has given information on how to deal with human diseases, what to avoid. He considers prevention more important than cure. He has looked into the social fabric of the prescriptions given about these diseases like yoga, acupressure, superstition etc. and the suggestions given by the people have explained with a scientific perspective why they are useful. Keeping the body relaxed for 10 minutes can get rid of many diseases. He has called this asana ‘smiling asana’. Dr. The main reasons why Shyam Sundar Deepti’s life is inspirational for common people are the happy and sad events of his life, which the reader can apply in his own life after reading it. In other words, their entire life is a struggle. They have tackled any adversity with great courage. Don’t let any confusion become a concern. Diabetes struck at a young age, but he has lived life on his own terms, taking it in stride. First two toes had to be amputated, then the foot itself had to be amputated. After an accident, only the leg had to be amputated, but till now he has been fully active socially and literary all his life. He has never considered himself a cripple and has never denied his illness. Have lived life on my own terms. All these things are binding for a common man. In the very first article of his book, ‘faded tea in cups with pink flowers’, information has been given about how diabetes can be avoided. By the way, they continue to give information about this disease in articles. Along with this, he has tried to tell by writing about his love marriage that love goes without saying. The success of love marriage is also explained in simple terms. In the second article ‘Tharkana (vibrate) is the second name of life’, it has been mentioned that diseases keep happening to humans but they should be fought with courage and courage. He has battled his fatal disease like gangrene. In the third article ‘Janam Din Zindagi De Ehsaas Jagave’, it is written that the routine of life should not be broken, it keeps the flow in life but with the change of time something has to change. Meeting friends brings happiness. One should not fall into superstition. They consider the ideology of the left to be valid. Owls symbolically condemn the bad happenings in the society. In ‘Clarifying the Purpose of Life-Writing’, the authors say that they have written poetry, stories, dramas and prose. Writing gives mental satisfaction. By writing the example of Corona time, it has been said that people also benefit from writing. He has also given reasons for writing his books. In the article ‘Choosing health, not disease’, Dr. Deepti has told that health should be taken care of more than disease and the disease will be cured. The sick should not make himself an object of pity. Friends are food for the soul. In this article ‘Remembering Pain, Not Wisdom’, he has concluded that instead of remembering pain, he has learned ‘Peace with Self’. He has faced many health related problems in his life but courage and peace are very important to fight the diseases. He has also said that corruption has become rampant in this profession. ‘Incomplete without an understanding of health-society’ You should not care about what the society thinks and says about you, but it is also not right to respond to them. This chapter also mentions the author’s medical and other studies and the difficulties that came in his way. In the chapter ‘No confidence in breathing, breathing in confidence’, the author has told that one should not be afraid of disease, make sure of a goal, then there will be no difficulty in living, burdening the mind will increase the disease. No need to share disease with anyone, people give unscientific advice. Fear and knowledge cannot coexist. In the article, Dr. Deepti has told that contentment is very important to live a pleasant life. Be patient with what you got. Then you can do literary activity of your choice. Greed has become rampant in the medical profession. The article ‘Concern for others, source of happiness’ is about Sunday activities, including Scout, NSS, Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti, Amritsar Scientific Awareness Group, Saathi Sansthan, Tarkasheel Society and Mini Kahani Manch etc. He has also written that a person should be constructive. He had many accidents in his life. Must adjust in every situation. In ‘Life doesn’t go on vacation’, it is mentioned that one should plan the time spent. Don’t sit back and do some activities like, taught teachers about drugs, associated with Pingalwade, published books on social concerns etc. In the article titled ‘Choice of food and drink for the departure of life’, it is said that due to diabetes, it is necessary to make a schedule of food and drink, so they do not eat lunch but eat salad, curd and vegetables, patients. should do the same. Weight should also be kept low. In ‘The power to overcome death in literature’, literature is considered as the living soul of a person, due to which a person stays busy. Read literature to overcome depression. Literature is related to human waves. If a person is satisfied, it is easy to fight the disease. Literature is the way of life. In ‘Zindagi Da Silaika-Pana Panna’, it has been mentioned that the fear of disease increases the disease. Not to be careless, be care free, unconcerned. Find happiness by helping someone. People no longer trust doctors in the medical environment. In the article ‘Blind Belief for Life’, it is said that it is a social disease. Does not allow life to succeed. In the article ‘Fear and knowledge cannot coexist’, it has been tried to explain that fear has nothing to do with knowledge. Dr. According to Deepti, after the age of 50, it is necessary to reduce the amount of bread and increase the amount of vegetables and fruits. Give children the freedom to choose a career but limit entertainment. Find the solution to any problem yourself, don’t depend on anyone. Simplicity in marriages and get rid of caste divide. Dr. Deepti is an atheist, he understands that religion is the belief of man but religion is not able to help man. A man can do any work at any age, provided he has the courage. In ‘Relationship with sleep- when you don’t regret the day’, the author is telling that sleep is important in human life, natural sleep comes but if there is no burden on your mind during the day. In the last chapter ‘My blood group is B-positive’, in this article, with reference to a book, the author says that B-positive belongs to the ghumkad type of people. Dr. Deepti is also an itinerant person. Hence his blood group is B-positive.

This book, 176 pages, priced at Rs 100, is published by Pravhana Prakashan Amritsar.
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