Duars elephants love Bhutan! The Irrawaddy army crossed the border in the king’s country for the sake of rice IG News

Nagrakata: Diner goes to Bhutan and stays in the jungle Elephant sail After leaving on Monday, the Airavat army returned to their Dera on Wednesday morning for two consecutive days. However, there is a new problem this afternoon. Despite strict surveillance by the forest department, they migrated back to Bhutan. Forest department’s Diana range ranger Ashesh Pal said, “We are keeping a close eye on the movement of the herd.”

What is the reason for the love of elephants in Bhutan? The forest department says that there is still bigha after bigha of paddy in the country. But now there is no more paddy. All have been deducted. That’s why it is not possible to hold back those savages.

According to the relevant sources, the herd has a total of 30 elephants including several cubs. Leaving the jungles of Dinar and crossing the National Highway 31C, they follow the Dharanipur tea plantation route to Kado Bhutan. The elephants have not returned from Bhutan since last Monday and Tuesday. It remains there. He returned through the same route on Wednesday morning but crossed the border again in the afternoon and entered Bhutan. The path of elephants is not smooth. The forest workers say that there is a national highway-purta road. For this, they have to climb from railway lines to tea garden ditches, sewage drains, shallow trenches. With the presence of cubs, the forest department is also in fear of danger at any moment.

This afternoon, before going to Bhutan, the group first attacked Kalikhola Basti in Luksan near Dharanipur. However, the foresters of the Dyna range were already prepared. After being chased from there, he went straight towards Bhutan. From Dharanipur, Kado passes through Karon tea plantations to Bhutan. In the afternoon, local people gathered in the area to watch the journey of elephants to Bhutan.

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