Dubai bound IndiGo flight suffers bird hit at Mangaluru International Airport aborts take off – News18 Kannada IG News

Mangaluru (May 25): An airplane that was ready to take off at Mangaluru International Airport escaped by a hair’s breadth. Yes from Mangalore International Airport to Dubai in the morning. The departing plane was preparing to take off. Suddenly, a bird hit the wing of the plane.

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Today at 8.30 am, the Indigo flight with passengers left for Dubai crossed the taxiway and was moving on the runway when a bird hit the wing of the plane. Immediately aware of the danger, the pilot informed the ATC and canceled the take-off and brought the plane back from the runway.
After that, the passengers were unloaded and the plane was inspected.

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Later, arrangements have been made for the passengers to go to Dubai through another flight which arrived from Bangalore. After this incident, there was an atmosphere of anxiety at the Mangalore airport for some time.