Due to heavy rain-darkness, the crops in the fields are like vultures, the farmers are sleeping – News18 Punjab IG News

Chandigarh-: In many parts of Punjab It has been raining since last night. The rain has given relief to the common people from the heat. But the rain has damaged the crops of the farmers. In the fields, the crops have been scattered on the ground like seeds. Farmers told with full heart that their ready crop will spoil and nothing will happen to them. Punjab has been receiving intermittent rain since late night due to which the maximum temperature has dropped by 5 to 6 degrees due to the change in weather. Farmers are worried due to the change in weather. Farmers said that if there is heavy rain, there may be damage to ready crops in the fields. The Meteorological Department has also issued advisory along with yellow and orange alert for the next 4/5 days.

Heavy rain has caused havoc in Nabha. Due to the intermittent rains since last night, the wheat crop of the farmers, which has matured for 6 months, has fallen on the ground. Farmers have demanded help from the government. Similarly, in Sangrur too, sky winds have wreaked havoc on the ripe wheat crop of the farmers. Due to heavy rains, the wheat crop of the farmers, matured for 6 months, was damaged, the entire crop was spread on the ground. It rained heavily for several hours late at night. More rain is expected in the coming days, which has scared the farmers.