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Eam Jaishankar: Foreign Minister returns to Perth after warning 39 countries, scolding China without naming – Amar Ujala Hindi News Live IG News


EAM Jaishankar: Foreign Minister returns to Perth after warning 39 countries, scolds China without naming

Foreign Minister dr. S. Jaishankar (Photo)
– Photo: ANI


External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar speaks boldly and introduces the country’s policy in the language of diplomacy. Jaishankar’s experience as a foreign service officer makes him well suited for this. Representatives of 40 countries gathered for the two-day Seventh Conference of Indian Ocean States in Perth, Australia. The foreign minister criticized China in this, without mentioning its name. He warned 39 countries not to fall into the trap of cheap loans. He pointed to growing challenges in the maritime domain, saying there were concerns about navigation, freedom of overflight, sovereignty and security.

This was Jaishankar’s direct attack on India’s neighboring country China. In his message to the Indian Ocean countries, Jaishankar said it all without mentioning that Sri Lanka is trapped in China’s cheap or opaque loan. His pointed sarcasm regarding the unequal relations between India and China on the Line of Actual Control also points in this direction. In his address, Jaishankar gave a very important place to the protection of sovereignty. Advocated deeper ties between Indian Ocean nations to address challenges such as maritime law violations and violations of long-standing treaties. This call by Jaishankar is also related to China’s efforts on the Line of Actual Control, China’s claims in the South Sea and its dominance on the island of Djibouti.

What are the challenges in the Indian Ocean region?

With the threats of piracy, piracy and terrorism on the rise, the foreign minister noted that looking at the Indian Ocean, the challenges facing the world there are abundantly clear. The foreign minister said that on the one hand there is the danger of conflicts, threats to maritime affairs, piracy and terrorism. On the other hand, there are challenges to their compliance with international law. There are concerns about freedom of navigation and overflight in international airspace and about sovereignty over the maritime domain. The foreign minister constantly raises the issue of sovereignty, respect for international treaties and opaque debt at the international forum. When viewed in relation to China, the neighboring country is constantly striving to increase its influence. Attempts by Chinese forces to change the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Ladakh region, continuous efforts to establish their dominance in the South China Sea, attempts to build military bases up to the island of Djibouti in Africa and providing cheap loans to various countries. Seeing greed and trying to take over their resources is directly related to this. Recently, the growing influence of China in the Maldives and its greedy attempts are also connected with this. China is trying to establish its dominance in the Indian Ocean region. India considers such efforts by any country in the Indian Ocean region unacceptable. For this, mutual cooperation, support and relations between the countries of the Indian Ocean must be on a strong foundation.

The Foreign Secretary spoke about the Quad

Australia is a member of the Quad. The Minister of External Affairs supports greater cooperation in this part of the Quartet (India, USA, Australia and Japan) in the Indian Ocean region. At the same time, he also expressed his belief that India will get a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council. The foreign minister said it was certain (100 percent certain) that India would get a seat. But he said that there are also obstacles. The biggest obstacle in India’s way is China. Although he did not name China, he said that some countries did not want India to get a permanent seat in the United Nations, but said that India would definitely get the seat. The External Affairs Minister said that India has become strong internationally. He said India’s time is coming soon.

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